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The soundtrack to my life.” – William A. Fraser

The music of Proximity is based on a live performance using entirely obsolete iOS devices that I recorded for my Youtube channel in May 2021. My friend, Giuseppe Milazzo enjoyed the music from the video so much that he requested to have a long-form version of the music. So, I’m happy to fulfill that request and have made this music available for everyone.

Proximity is composed of two tracks, “We Shall Meet Again” and “Imminence”. Both are floating and ethereal in nature.
For “Imminence”, the original live recording is extended to 10 plus minutes with the addition of some light reverb post-processing. This track is very similar to the original and is a radio-friendly length for broadcasters.

For the long-form “We Shall Meet Again”, I have looped the original live recording from the video in five minute intervals over a period of an hour. With each pass, the loop goes progressively deeper into a mix of reverb and equalization. It culminates halfway through the piece with the most prevalent processing and begins retracting at that point as the song returns to the end. This processing takes the sound and the listener on an extended meditative journey that evolves and returns to the source.

Great for sleep, meditation, studying, and chilling.

Headphones Recommended [[=_=]]

Proximity was recorded live using iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod 2, iPhone 3 with Virtual ANS, Droneo, Toro, and Alchemy iOS apps.
Mixed and Mastered with Ableton Live, Eventide Blackhole Reverb, Slate Digital Fresh Air, and Izotope Elements.

Album Photo and Cover Design by Shane Morris.

Watch the original live performance at Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFzM0VdzpmU&t=25s