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You have gone too far. You cannot go back. There is No Return.
No Return is a set of music composed and played entirely on the Behringer Neutron.Using a generative patch called Krell, which was first created for the film Forbidden Planet by Bebe and Louis Barron, Shane has created a soundscape of dark, towering drones that rise and fall like giant sonic monuments.
Not for the faint of heart, No Return is a bold no-holds barred set of atonal drones that ebb and flow in an ocean of chaos.

No Return was originally recorded on 01.31.20 at electro-music.com radio as a live streaming set. The three tracks that appear on No Return are culled from the original 3+ hour set.

The tracks appear here exactly as they were played live. No editing or remixing was done, except for starting and stop points and volume.


Released August 30, 2020

Shane Morris – Behringer Neutron generative patch, Alesis midiverb efx

Cover Design by Shane Morris

Photo by Dan Christian CC0 1.0