In their first-ever collaboration, master ethno-percussionists and veteran ambient composers Byron Metcalf and Shane Morris align their cultivated powers to conjure an evocative soundworld for rhythmic ancient-future “travel.” A time-bending weave of layers of pulsing percussion (bells, drums, gongs, shakers, and ceremonial rattles), flowing flutes, didgeridoo, and shimmering synthesizer vignettes form the multicultural tapestry of soul-stirring sound. ANCESTRAL RESONANCE moves off the beaten path into a mysterious and shadowy sonic world of slow-pulse night sky dreams and hypnotic invocations designed to activate the echo of primal memory at the cellular level.

With a mutual sensitivity to past, present, and future dimensions of the Seen and Unseen Worlds, and a shared resonance as seasoned ‘psychonauts,’ Metcalf and Morris guide us deep into the domain of the ancestors.

We are the dreams of the ancestors.
– Darion Kuma Gracen (1949-2007)

ANCESTRAL RESONANCE is an electrifying collaboration which took hold within the generational span of the composers and converges in a powerful rhythmic echo of something deep ­— something ancient and abiding within. This echo is a resonance of the messages, lessons, knowledge of sacred alignments, and the presence of memory and inspiration that beckons the soul. With a cultivated and refined sensitivity to the inner mystery, Metcalf and Morris uncover the ancestral realm of mythic awareness and mystical wonderment.