Eclipse – Frore & Shane Morris

Released Spotted Peccary 2017

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Long ago, before science explained the mechanics of the heavens, primitive cultures looked to the skies for insight and enlightenment. Predicting events, measuring time, provoking awe and terror, the observation of the celestial sphere was of utmost importance, and through those mystic ages the shock of an unexpected eclipse would become a beacon in time, impacting people’s lives, religions, and cultures for generations. This meaningful phenomenon is the inspiration for ECLIPSE, the second collaboration of tribal-ambient soundscapes from ethno-electronic recording artists Frore & Shane Morris.

Merging the boundaries of ambient, tribal, and organic electronic, ECLIPSE presents a fusion of deep trance percussion, primitive winds, and dream-soaked electronics into an enigmatic soundworld of timeless tribal magic. Continuing the sonic journey started on the duo’s first collaboration, BLOOD MOON, ECLIPSE explores new territories of trance-inducing polyrhythms, deep harmonic meditations, and a potent combination of exotic instruments from around the globe including didjeridoo, ethnic flutes, gongs, djembe, frame drum, and udu pots. Merging these exotic instruments together with organic synth textures and ethereal atmospheres, Frore & Morris craft a primordial ambient experience that further explores the electro-organic soundcurrent introduced by artists like Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, and Byron Metcalf.

Blending modern and primal elements into a compelling polyrhythmic experience, the music of ECLIPSE offers a sonic kaleidoscope of mystery, imagination and deep-seated wonder. Tapping into a reverence for power, energy, and illumination, the synergistic artistry of Frore & Shane Morris coalesces into a majestic tapestry of atmospheres and drifting grooves, representing an ancient connection to the environment, planet, and ultimately the universe.

“The intricate, multi-layered soundscapes they have constructed on Eclipse using a hybrid of ethno sonic fusions of traditional instruments and electronic effects have made this album a shining example of how tapping into the creative strengths of two unique artists and working together can create something that neither would probably have created on their own. ” – Michael Foster/Ambient Visions