Evolution – Shane Morris & Mystified

Released Spotted Peccary 2013

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Through the creative use of sound and composition, sonic storytellers Shane Morris & Mystified have arrived at EVOLUTION, the monumental conclusion of their three-part “Inspired Evolution” soundscape series.  A masterfully crafted follow-up to the series’ first two installments, EVOLUTION continues the artist’s bold effort to create a sonic environment that evokes prehistoric places and atmospheres.  The music, sometimes rhythmic, opaque and mostly amorphous, is much like the swirling of the gene pool forming over a long period of time.

Having taken us through the epoch of dinosaurs and the emergence of mammals on the trilogy’s first two installments, Morris & Mystified now compel us to the age where early humans have evolved. Technological and physiological advances result in the domination of Homo Sapiens. Reptiles and Mammals still populate the Earth, but Mankind, the contemporary end result of their development, makes small changes (soon to be huge) in the Ecosystem and the planet as a whole.

The sound of EVOLUTION is an evolution itself. The trilogy’s first chapter, EPOCH, featured purely acoustic soundworlds, and on part two, EMERGENCE, some electronics were introduced. On EVOLUTION the acoustic sources take a back seat to a mostly synthetic environment where sounds symbolize the innovations created by Homo Sapiens.  An occasional brass drone, tribal drum or acoustic percussion riff appears, but at this point in evolution, the use of man-made tools has changed the reality surrounding it, and therefore its sound.

“One of the best in the genre. Magnetizing, bewitching and simply superb! ” – Sylvain Lupari

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